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Membership to the ANME is free, and the meetings and trips are free for all members to attend.


Membership of the ANME is free, and includes access to the Portal, and attendance at all meetings and trips.

In addition to the online community in the Member Portal, the following are also available:

Member Offers
Opportunities to Collaborate
Collect ANME Tokens - Ambassador & Portal
List old equipment on the Xchange for other schools and third parties to buy
Signature Logo/Badge
EduGeek Badge
Member Offers - Long Term

Network and Security Vulnerability Assessment

An automated, non-invasive scan of your estate, including a scan of your public-facing IP addresses.

First scan free to ANME members with a Consolidated Risk Report included. 
Up to 1-hour remote meetup to discuss the report, free of charge

Exclusive ANME Member Offers!

Get the award-winning 3CX Phone System for education with an Enterprise License FREE for the first year!


Save a further 20% on remanufactured laptops from leading brands.

Information about how to take advantage of member offers can be found in the Member Portal.
Shorter-term offers are published in the Portal - Company Notices.

Opportunities to Collaborate

We try to give members as many opportunities to get involved as possible, so when we're approached to collaborate on an article, all members get the opportunity to get involved.

Some recent examples of this can be seen below:

List old kit in the ANME Xchange
Members are able to list old equipment from their schools and colleges for sale, available to other members, third parties, and the public. 

Anything listed in the Xchange gets listed in the Portal, as well as publicly here on the main website:

Examples of equipment previously listed:
Switches & Cabs
Wireless APs & Controllers
Interactive Whiteboard
All sorts of equipment no longer needed...
Signature Logo / Badge

This image is available to members for use in email and forum signatures etc. and is avaialble via the links below:


They can be downloaded, or used at those URLs

ANME Shop - Coming Soon!
We will be selling ANME branded items such as:
Polo Shirts
Post-It Notes & New Account Post-Its
Mugs, Travel Mugs & Paper Cups
Any other surplus freebies from meetings and events...
Profile Badge, & Signature on EduGeek


Join the Private ANME Forum to get the profile badge:
Click the link below to join our private forum on EduGeek

Then you can access the ANME Members Forum under General Forums in the main EduGeek site. (Direct link:

(Please email Rick once you've requested to join to confirm your details as usernames aren't always obvious!)


Add the ANME Badge:

Members of the Private ANME Forum can display the ANME badge on their profile/posts:

Once you've been accepted to the Private Forum, click this link again and select "Identify me as a member of this group", then click Update Display Group.


Add the Signature Image (use the source code so it updates when changed):

Copy the text below:
Click this link to take you to the Edit Signature page on EduGeek:
Click the A/A button in the top left of the Signature Editor box to switch to HTML view
Paste the text you copied above.
This image will be updated occasionally, but will update in your signature automatically so you always display the most recent image.

Testimonials from Members & Partners

  • “Fantastic event, with interesting content and very well organised.”

    Alain Squiteri, Sales Director - InVentry

  • I thought the day was excellent. It was really good to have the companies there and invaluable for meeting and speaking with new contacts. I really hope this carries on as it was desperately needed in our field.

    Janet Cannell, Member

  • We’re really proud to be ANME’s platinum sponsor. It’s such a great platform for school network managers to get together and share ideas, plus it provides us the opportunity to speak directly to schools using our solutions and get their feedback and input into new features. Every event is always different, with fantastic speakers providing real insight and ideas on all things edtech.

    Al Kingsley, Group Managing Director, NetSupport Limited

  • ANME meetings provide valuable networking - being able to talk to other professionals doing the same role and understanding their approach and their context. This is a great way to challenge what you are doing in your own setting.

    Neil Limbrick, ANME Ambassador

  • A fantastic online resource of like-minded professionals that you can use to bounce ideas off, chat things through, get advice from. Invaluable.

    Ric Turner, Balshaws Church of England High School

  • The ANME is a priceless resource for anyone working in an IT support role in the education sector. The online forum is lively and informative and the regular meetings provide insight into new products and valuable networking opportunities with peers from other establishments. I've lost count of the number of valuable conversations and helpful tips that I've had since becoming a member. If you've not been to a meeting before then try to attend the next one in your area, you won't be disappointed.

    Dave Leonard, ANME Ambassador and ICT Manager at Matthew Moss High School

  • The ANME has been a great resource when you're a lone IT manager, now you have friends going through the same obstacles as you, with plenty of advice and guidance.

    Michael Frost, ANME Member & IT Network Manager at Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy

  • Being part of the ANME is like being part of a large corporate IT department, there's always someone you can ask for advice

    Paul Gillon, ANME Member & Network Manager at West Hill School, Stalybridge

  • ANME is like having a team of IT experts at my fingertips. It helps me keep up to date with the latest trends in IT education.
    Rick and the ANME members have always helped when I've needed extra guidance to make great IT decisions

    Clifford Fernandes, ANME Member & IT Manager at Claremont High School

  • I attended my first ANME regional meeting recently which was great. It was Informative, relevant and useful! Unlike some meetings I attend where you get one or two useful nuggets of information, but other bits have been added to the agenda as fillers. Glad to be a member of this group of like-minded individuals.

    Adam Hall, ANME Member & IT Operations Manager at Four Oaks Learning Trust